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                        "This is a touching                           and sometimes terrifying                glimpse into places loneliness               abides just waiting for the                     dayspring of dawn of renewal               and hope." David Roberts, 

            Theatre Reviews Limited


       The Love Song


       Sidney J. Stein



is available for production by emailing bcpkid AT

Synopsis/Character Breakdown


The Love Song of Sidney J. Stein follows the relationship of Sidney, a 45-year-old man who works at an NYC half-way house, and Dennis, an 17-year-old streetwalker. Sidney is a snide, funny and guarded former prostitute who tries to set Dennis straight, despite Dennis' immaturity and indoctrination into the street life. They begin tenuously (and platonically) living together, though Dennis is not quite willing to give up his past. Both end up bringing out something in the other that is revealing and unexpected. With humor and pathos, Love Song explores the struggle to truly connect with another human being, and the role one's past has in dictating one's future.


Sidney (M, 40s): Snide, funny, guarded former prostitute, now working at a halfway house for troubled teens. Someone who is used to not caring, but nevertheless does.


Dennis (M, late teens to early 20s): Immature but capable streetwalker. Thinks of himself as a commodity and struggles to see himself as more.

" impressive retelling/re-imagining of T. S. Eliot’s 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock'...(the play's) rich characters, their hidden motivations, and their sometimes disquieting conflicts drive a plot far more cathartic than a single gay relationship."  David Roberts, Theatre Reviews Limited

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