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"This stellar play and its talented cast...has composed and delivered what may be the most demanding social statement of the theatre season. ...a theatrical experience of emotions and feeling, where the sweat, tears and anguish are up close and personal.

This play needs an extended run. The need’s too great."

J.A. Di Bello, Meet Me in the Greenroom

Donna is the mother of a newborn girl.  She is also a long-time heroin addict.  When she loses her baby to Child Protective Services, she begins a harrowing journey through drug court, N/A meetings, and her own demons to earn back custody of her baby and try to reclaim control of her life.​  


Character Breakdown

Designations of heritage/religion noted below are suggestions only and should not inhibit color or heritage-blind casting.


DONNA (f, 30s, Italian-American) Waitress, mother of a newborn girl, and long-time hardcore heroin addict. She is unpredictable—sometimes reflective, loving, committed, sometimes a manipulative slave to her addiction.


MARIA (f, 30s, Hispanic) Donna's best friend and roommate, single parent, trusting, good-hearted, loyal, moves from naive to savvy regarding Donna's addiction.


DAD (m, late 50s-60s, Italian-American) Donna's disabled father, loving, doting, emotionally indulgent, worried for his daughter, feels guilty and responsible for her addiction.


MRS. RIESE (f, 40s-50s, Jewish) Chain-smoking, straight-shooting caseworker. Her nonchalant delivery belies her unwavering commitment to doing what is right for Donna's child.


DEALER (m, late 20s to late 30s) Muscular, dangerous, drug dealer and sometime sexual partner to Donna. Single-minded, cold, amoral. The embodiment of addiction itself.




Orange County, NY, present day.

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